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Participate in the AsiaWPA International Photography & Videography Competition 2022 can enjoy :

(I) Pandemic Offer: One (1) basic FREE credit is offered to all participants.

(II) Pay 5 get the next 1 free promotion.


1. One (1) basic FREE credit is offered to all participants.  You will see this basic free credit once you login to your account.  If you are a new participant, you will see the credit after you create your new account.

2. Submit and pay for the next 5 submissions in single or multiple transactions (different categories are counted).

2. Proceed to payment.

3. The free submission will appear with selectable categories on the upload section.

4. Example: Submit 5 get 1 more free, Submit 10 get 2 more free, Submit 15 get 3 more free....etc. (on top of the basic one (1) free entry)

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